ASCEL Conference

The ASCEL annual members’ conference is the only conference aimed specifically at Heads of Children’s and School Library Services. Each year the conference focuses on a key theme relating to contemporary library services for children and young people presenting expert speakers; interactive workshops; updates from partners across the sector; publishers’ exhibitions; and a lively forum for discussion, debate and creativity.

This year's conference theme is DIVERSITY, EMPATHY AND WELL-BEING, Libraries as Places of Nurture (8-9 November 2019)

Past ASCEL conference themes have included:

  • My Library, My Space, My Life. Making libraries relevant for children and young people. (2018)
  • Libraries, Learning & Literacy:Raising the Aspirations & Attainment of Children & Young People (2017)
  • Reaching out: Libraries- enablers of active communities (2016)
  • Life Changing Libraries - libraries supporting health, well-being & inclusion of children & young people (2015)
  • Libraries, reading, culture, creativity - exploring reading as a cultural activity and libraries as an integral part of the cultural landscape (2014)
  • Libraries as core building blocks in the development of children’s communication skills (2013)
  • Promising futures: shaping library services for children and young people (2012)
  • From scorched earth to new landscapes: developing children’s and school library services in an era of austerity (2011)

Read this report from Emma Ali from Bolton of her experiences at her first ASCEL Conference, November 2014. Emma said: "I can honestly say this conference is the most valuable thing I have ever done in my professional life - the thing I have learned will have a direct impact on the children and young people I work with."

The theme for ASCEL conference 2017 was 'Libraries, Learning & Literacy:Raising the Aspirations & Attainment of Children & Young People" 

Speakers included:

  • Achievement for All: Transforming Young Lives through Education. Professor Sonia Blandford,CEO Achievement for all.
  • A Global Vision for Literacy, Reading and Libraries: Ingrid Bon, Manager Development Programmes, IFLA
  • Libraries Role in Helping to Fight Child Poverty:  Josephine Tucker, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Child Poverty Action Group
  • The CILIP Diversity Action Plan and CKG Review:  Ayub Khan
  • The Experiential Library: the Future of Family Learning report: Julie Griffiths, SCL & Head of Libraries, Halton and Caroline MacFarland, Founder and Director, Common Vision (CoVi)

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If you have any queries about the ASCEL Conference please contact our Conference Manager Annie Everall.