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Working with parents to be

Parents-to-be may not be aware that babies in the womb can hear their parents and others around them. Singing songs and reading rhymes to the baby during pregnancy can give the baby a great start in life. If you work with parents, the following key messages are important:

  • Talk to your bump
    • Your baby can hear you from 18 weeks
    • Talking to your bump helps your baby to get ahead with speaking and listening
  • Read to your bump
    • Your baby remembers noises from the womb
    • Hearing your familiar voice helps to comfort your baby after birth
  • Bond with your bump
    • Reading and singing to your bump helps you to bond with your baby
    • Help your baby get to know you

Key Documents

To help your work with parents, here are some key documents and helpful links:

Here is a list of partners to help develop your work with parents-to-be.

Each profession has their own language and this document will help you through the maze

Here is more information about brain development and the impact of reading to babies.

Other organisations

Other organisations have been working in this area. Find out more about this work below:

  • Best beginnings have developed practical, simple, and interactive tools for parents-to-be and new parents to support them through pregnancy and the first stages of their baby's life.

Here is a presentation about their work and the app they have developed:

This presentation highlights work by Hertfordshire Libraries:

Other useful presentations and examples of work can be found in the following documents:


Organising sessions with parents-to-be/parents

The Getting Started downloadable document provides some useful information to think about before you plan your first session.

Organising your first session using song and rhyme can be daunting; some tips are included in this downloadable document:

To help promote your session, here is a draft flier:


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